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Artist: Jerri Kuehn

Studio: Jerri Kuehn Fine Art

Future Serengeti Siren
Title: Future Serengeti Siren
Description: Acrylic painting on Gessobord
Media: Painting
Size: 6 x 6
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Phone:(408) 778-7456

About Jerri Kuehn

Jerri Kuehn

Artist Statement:

I create art because I’ve learned I must; it feeds and calms my soul. It lets my spirit soar.

I am continually fascinated with the process of making an image appear three-dimensional on a flat surface. I love the interplay of light and shadow. When painting acrylics, I use an under-painting and glazing technique to achieve luminosity and depth. A wide variety of subject matter appeals to me and I have many paintings already in my head just waiting to emerge. Many of the animals I am drawn to are endangered. I hope to raise awareness of their plight through my art.

I also enjoy the process of assemblage/collage. While my paintings are realistic and planned out ahead of time, my collages start with an idea but evolve as I work on them. They are also more abstract and symbolic. This provides a balance for my creativity.

I enjoy creating small, intimate portraits of my subjects. I hope to entice viewers to take a closer look and experience a bit of the awesome, mysterious, indescribably magnificent world around us.