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Artist: Donna Orme

Studio: Donna Orme Art

Genetic Code.2
Title: Genetic Code.2
Description: Collagraph, chine colle
Media: Printmaking
Size: 6 x 13
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Phone:(408) 249-7746

About Donna Orme

I allow obscure thoughts and feelings to emerge into forms and colors which are then expressed in art pieces. My world revolves around creating mixed media and printmaking (monotype, monoprint, collagraph, lithography and etching) artworks. The works incorporate interplays of space, color, circles and lines as I search for new and creative expressions. Constant reminders of unfinished works prompt me to action. Fascinated by the jars of colored paint in my studio, I ponder the project that lies ahead. The colors for the new body of work will require mixing to achieve the desired consistency, tone and value. The pieces guide me toward a completed work. I move to express what is inside me, so the experimentation begins.

The color combinations can be primary, secondary, bright or muted. For the acrylic monotypes, pigment is applied directly to multiple Clearbag plates. The oil-based monoprints, monotypes and etchings are produced on aluminum plates submerged in a copper sulfate solution. Acrylic gels/mediums and textural materials are glued to plastic plates to make collagraphs. Chine collé papers are used to add color and rhythm, texture and mood to various printmaking techniques. Inspired by emotional experiences at another time and place, I start to draw unusual, curvilinear marks searching for what resonates. My lines vary from thick to thin; irregular shapes are small, medium and large. Each new work points me in another direction. One work might need a design element; another piece needs a focal area. Should the texture be smooth, rough, shiny or matted? My mind starts to race faster as I remember the last visit to the art museum and the masterpieces that made me stand still. I pick up some familiar tools of the trade and strengthen each piece with strokes of irregular patterns to keep the eye moving. For the acrylic monotype, layers of paint can be viewed from the back side of the Clearbag plate to see the development of the image. I visualize what will show as the first layer versus the additional layers when the monotype is pulled from the plate without using a press. The oil-based monoprints, monotypes and etchings are run through a press and pulled from aluminum plates. Printmaking images appear in reverse on the plates. Working spontaneously and intuitively, my mind is absorbed in the process and I can no longer speak. Lost in thought, my actions dominate the moment. My creative thoughts are kept fresh and flowing by the never ending variety of colors, shapes, circles, spheres and lines. The composition of my work is contemporary in feeling. Producing nonobjective art requires that one be articulate about the simplicity or complexity of line. My art is usually playful and has a sense of rhythm and energy that is design oriented. The finished product is a spontaneous expression of thought and emotion. Sharing art with others brings joy to me. At the end of a workday, I find myself in a state of warm tranquility. The images reflect emotions or thoughts from the day they were created. These works invite the viewer to create his or her own interpretation of the artwork.