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Artist: Gloria Huet

Studio: Huet Studio

Title: Genesis
Description: Monotype
Media: Printmaking
Size: 12 x 12
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Phone:(510) 299-5236

About Gloria Huet

My work is like a collection of journal entries. The struggles or joys of life, or my reactions to the current state of society, emerge on the canvas or paper. The challenge is to make a compelling image depicting these emotions. As I continue my visual dialogue, the image undergoes a transformation. At the end of the dialogue, I almost always end up with surprises and revelations, keeping me moving and engaged.

Since I have finished my MFA at San Jose State Univ. in 2013, I have been painting and making prints. I have also been teaching monotype, a printmaking process, at the Palo Alto Art Center since 2015. I have exhibited at various galleries in the SF Bay Area as well as Chicago. For specific galleries and awards, please check my resume in