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Artist: Amanda Krauss

Studio: Avian Artist

California Quail
Title: California Quail
Description: mixed media painting
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 36 x 36
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Phone:(707) 319-2182

About Amanda Krauss

The natural beauty of birds in the local landscape captivates me. I draw, paint or use printmaking techniques on paper, wood or canvas to express my observations. This exhibit features some of the variety of my mixed media work on canvas and paper.

In my mixed media on canvas and paper pieces I work in many layers. My first step is to prepare the surface with a couple layers of gesso. Sometimes I add pigment to the gesso or scratch into while it is wet. After this layer is dry I add a collaged layer of paper or fabric. Again I wait for it to dry and add a layer of acrylic paint. At this time I usually find inspiration for the bird subject of my painting and I sketch in the bird shape and some natural elements. From here I start layering the collage and paint, waiting for each layer to dry, until I reach the completion of my bird. I protect my surfaces with a couple layers of varnish.

I get to spend time outside birding and am lucky to work for a local land trust that protects the coast redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I participate in art exhibits, open studios and boutiques from the North Bay, through the Peninsula and in the South Bay. On occasion I teach private workshops for those interested. Please connect with me through my mailing list on my website, on Facebook or LinkedIn.