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Artist: Kushlani Jayasinha

Studio: Kushlani Jayasinha Fine Art

Journey 2
Title: Journey 2
Media: Painting
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Phone:(408) 557-0134

About Kushlani Jayasinha

Art is my journal. It is also a major part of my search for a deeper meaning in life. I am always looking for answers, and I believe that art takes us to a place where the rational mind cannot go, a place closer to what we truly are. I make art to express this inner self. Sometimes I find art the ultimate experience of being. Art contains within it more than the mind can ever comprehend. My Buddhist upbringing has been crucial to my work, and meditation centers me and is generally the starting point of a painting because it allows me to be intensely present in the moment, when feelings take control. I paint with this sense, picking colors and tools as I go. I believe that my paintings express a deeper self that defies words, and I use any medium that seems appropriate to convey this.