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Artist: Carrie Zeidman

Zulu Grandmother
Title: Zulu Grandmother
Description: Photographic Print on Paper
Media: Photography
Size: 19 x 13
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Phone:(408) 741-5809

About Carrie Zeidman

Most of my photos or paintings evoke an emotion or a memory of some kind. Using color, form, and figure, I try to transfer that emotion or memory onto the final image. A successful piece is able to evoke that original feeling in the viewer. I am intrigued by opposing elements that work off of each other, so I try to incorporate some type of contrast into my work as well.

My art combines digital illustration, photography, and traditional fine art. Starting with digital photographs, I isolate select elements from different photos and combine them to create a whole new image. I then digitally "paint" over the top of this image to create the final painting.

My work has won numerous awards, both local and international, and has been shown in galleries around the world, including the Louvre in Paris in August of 2015. My painting "Freedom Rises in the East" is part of the permanent collection of the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin, and I was honored to be named "Cupertino Distinguished Artist of the Year" in 2012. My first book of my art "Ghosts – Images of War" was published in December of 2015.