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Artist: Laura Jacobson

Studio: Laura Jacobson Fine Art

Title: Circuits
Description: Monoprint, chine-colle, rice paper
Media: Printmaking
Size: 46 x 46
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Phone:(650) 388-2211

About Laura Jacobson

When I received a complete set of MRIs of my brain in 2011, it seemed like new terrain. Neuroscience became my entry into science, history, and culture, where I investigate sources that speak to who we are, where we come from, and why we are the way we are. DNA, phytoplankton, and neurons: not only do these molecules and cells code for physical expression, supply the oxygen we breathe, and give rise to thought, but I am drawn to their pattern and symmetry. Maps, math, music, and machines: these cultural sources elucidate how we read, analyze, and interpret.

My work explores this collision of biology and culture.

Laura Jacobson earned an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (2003) and a BA from Stanford University (1989). A two-person show “Our Cosmic Brain” showed in New York from January to March, 2018, at NYU Langone Gallery. Her solo show “Into the Mind” showed at the McKnight Foundation in Minneapolis, MN for six months in 2016. Her 2014 work Digital Sediment II won Honorable Mention at the “BRAIN-ART Initiative” show at the Beverley Art Center in Chicago, IL. A permanent installation of “Brain Scapes” is at Stanford University.