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Artist: Christine Crockett

Studio: Penninsula Studios

We Have No Wine
Title: We Have No Wine
Description: Oil on panel
Media: Painting
Size: 36 x 36
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Phone:(650) 740-2245

About Christine Crockett

I am drawn to geometry, symmetry, pattern, and diagram, and my paintings are acts of locating beauty and meaning in their messages. Merging elements of expressionism and minimalism, I use color, form, texture, and line to create paintings that are at once exuberant and contained, emotional and logical. The tension that arises from this opposition drives my work.

My process starts intuitively with irregular applications of texture and rich, expressive layers of color. I then use white, the prismatic “every color," to contain this emotional content, frame it into forms, establish patterns, and initiate ideas. In the final stages, I use line to interpret and locate meaning. I rub out, carve back into, or stain the surface to reveal new reference points or to skew underlying structures. New marks, scars, and lines trail from forms and connect them. This navigation between the emotional, rational, and historical layers of a painting takes on an imperfect logic all its own. For me, this is beauty.