Artist: Christine Crockett

Studio: Penninsula Studios

Variation II/Negative Space Only
Title: Variation II/Negative Space Only
Description: Oil and cold wax on birch panel
Media: Painting
Size: 36 x 48 x 2
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Phone: (650) 740-2245

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Christine Crockett

NOTE: While I will not be present for the entirety of the Open Studios weekends this year, I am available to open my studio for viewing by appointment. You can contact me at the email address or phone number listed above, or through my personal website.

My inspiration for the paintings in my new series comes from a single hexagram in the iChing--#40/Deliverance. I am drawn to the idea that we must engage with the things that most trouble us in order to find release--or deliverance-- from them. In the six lines of this hexagram, the broken lines suggest openness, the unbroken lines resistance. The ratio of broken to unbroken lines suggest that our response to trouble should remain both fluid and challenging.

In playing with the positive and negative spaces of this hexagram’s broken or unbroken lines, I discovered some dramatically different visual effects. Each of the paintings inspired accompanying haikus, also variations on the changing states of deliverance. For me, this interplay of poetry and painting has served as a meditative code for unsettling times.

The paintings in this series are minimal in composition, but stylistically complex and multilayered. I first apply rough layers of plaster and pigment, followed by thin layers of oil paint and cold wax, which is then sanded and carved and stained to reveal a complex, map-like substrata.

Christine Crockett is a visual artist and teacher based in the San Francisco bay area. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibits throughout California, and holds an MFA degree in poetry.