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Artist: Neil Murphy

Studio: Neil Murphy Studio   Room: 29

50 X 50 WTF?
Title: 50 X 50 WTF?
Description: No way to guess what they're thinking.
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 12 x 12 x 1
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Phone:(650) 533-2015

About Neil Murphy

Inks and pigments behave. Kinda. But water makes them mutiny and run amok. Makes them travel, bleed, blend and indulge in molecular shenanigans. My process encourages this irreverent behavior. First I flood water and pigment across a horizontal unprimed canvas. Unpredictable, unbalanced elements appear and the painting process, a continuous realignment and re-balancing, begins.

The idea is to coax line and shape accidents into associations that no longer appear to be accidental. Corral colored fluids into their proper place and let them dry. This a layer-upon-layer, wash-upon-wash (sometimes 30 or 40) partnership with water continues until disparate elements, through iterative reordering, reach a kind of equilibrium. Until the shapes, and the ideas behind them, join.