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Artist: Andy Muonio

Studio: Muonio Studios

Untitled (robot)
Title: Untitled (robot)
Description: Oil on canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 24 x 24
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Phone:(408) 579-9238

About Andy Muonio

Andy Muonio is a long time Bay Area artist with a BS in Illustration, a BFA in Pictorial Art and an MFA in Pictorial Art all from San Jose State University. After a career in illustration, graphic design, and creative management, Andy turned to fine art and teaching. He has taught at Evergreen Valley College, SJSU, NDNU, and Cañada College as well as the Community School of Art in Mountain View and The Palo Alto Art Center. Retiring this year from of his college teaching position as Assistant Professor of Art at Cañada College, you will only find Monotype Portrait Workshops taught by him though the Palo Alto Art Center this Spring.

Currently his work is concentrating on contemporary still-lifes. Using the things he has around him in his life and his studio, he composes interesting arrangements of kitschy-nerdy objects and high-tech ephemeral detritus. Rarely titled they have been described as portraits of contemporary modernity or even self-portraits. Only working from life, these oil-on-canvas studies reveal the technical skill of the artist but are not afraid of distortion, gesture and the importance of the mark.