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Artist: Dotti Cichon

Studio: D Cichon Art

Ancient Memories of Metamorposis - detail
Title: Ancient Memories of Metamorposis - detail
Description: Copper leaf on found fabric
Media: Fabric/Wearable Art
Size: 38 x 56
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Phone:(650) 964-0494

About Dotti Cichon

I see art in everything. I always carry a camera and I photograph every day. Sometimes these photos become the final work of art and sometimes they’re inspirations for my work in other media. Alternative process analog photography, printmaking, eco-printing, painting in various media including encaustics, ceramics, sculpture, collage, book arts, jewelry, fiber, video, installation, and mixed media, most of which uses found and recycled materials, are some of the other things I do and will show at my studio during Silicon Valley Open Studios.

Much of my work is about the environment and the need to preserve it. Our natural environment and our place in the Cosmos are recurring subjects. But, with a background in architecture, I’m also interested in man-made spaces and historic preservation.

I believe that art should be a part of our daily lives. My photographs of iconic places around the world on silk, some of which are pictured here as wall-hangings such as Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, can also be worn as scarves.
As an avid traveler, much of my work derives from my travel experiences. I have done artist residencies in Budapest Hungary, on Kökar Island, a Swedish-speaking Finnish Island in the Åland Islands, Tuscany Italy, and Mendocino California. I love to collaborate with other artists both local and international, and “Flux” pictured here is a collaboration with Anitta Toivio of Finland. We also collaborate on videos and video installations that have been shown in Finland, Italy and Spain as well as in Arizona, in California at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles and the San Jose Museum of Art, and in New York at the Museum of Modern Art.

“Ancient Memories of Metamorphosis” pictured here is a work I did at my artist residency in Budapest on found fabric inspired by a centuries-old silver object in the museum at Aquincum. I love the sense of history behind used things, contemporary as well as ancient, particularly when they show remnants of their past. This “palimpsest” that is defined as “something that is reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form” and “wabi-sabi” that is “the aesthetic of imperfection and transience” inform most of my art. In this work, I used copper leaf because it constantly changes as it patinas with exposure to the air and its pollutants, a source of beauty but also of concern.

At my SVOS open studio, I will also be showing my latest body of work, a series of fiber pieces using re-purposed discarded fabrics and incorporating metallics of different kinds. These will range from miniatures to one that is 12 feet tall, many based on the kimono form and incorporating the aesthetics of palimpsest and wabi-sabi.

My scarves make great gifts and can be purchased anytime by contacting me. They also make great décor as wall-hangings and are popular for spiral staircases or other curved walls. I also welcome commissions and exhibition opportunities.