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Artist: Carol Worthington-Levy

Studio: Worthington Fine Art

Amazing! She does it all!
Title: Amazing! She does it all!
Description: Acrylic on Canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 22 x 28
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Phone: (818) 512-8876

About Carol Worthington-Levy

My work: As an explorer of color, shape and texture/pattern, I infuse all of my artwork with consistency and excitement. My work in watercolor is not 'traditional' but rather it's color-charged with strong brushstrokes. This describes my acrylic paintings are, as well. My subject matter is subjective and occasionally near-abstract but there are always human or animal elements, even occasionally dipping into the primitive or, on the other end of an historical timeline, pop art.

I develop my art in a series that gives me a chance to explore subjects and treatments; this becomes more interesting and fun for my patrons and for the viewers of my work. Often there are stories behind the paintings that are easy to relate to, adding to the depth of the experience. This inquiry of my subject that invoke smiles, conversation, and often joy.

Carol Worthington-Levy is a seasoned artist specializing in Acrylic and Water Media — ie, watercolor, gouache, collage and inks — on canvas and paper. A multiple award winner for her work, Carol is an active showing member of San Francisco Women Artists Gallery.

Her work has shown in the Woodmere Art Museum of Philadelphia, the Brand Museum of Art in Glendale CA, the Niza Knoll Gallery in Denver, CO, and in local venues via the California Watercolor Society, 'Beyond the Obvious' Artist Collective, and the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society. Carol's mentors have included Christopher Schink, Katherine Chang Liu, and Mike Bailey,

Most recently she has been featured on the cover and on five interior pages in The Palette Magazine, which discussed her series of paintings based on her family.

Carol also does a limited amount of commissioned work as time allows.