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Artist: Rebecca Nie

Studio: RebexArt Studio

Where Does the One Return To?
Title: Where Does the One Return To?
Description: Acrylic
Media: Painting
Size: 40 x 40
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About Rebecca Nie

Rebex Nie employs organic lines and subtle colors in her paintings to evoke a sense of constant flux. It could be the change between scalding liquid and cold earth in the lava flow, the transition from one thought to the next in the stream of consciousness, or the journey of youth and old-age in the movement of life.

Ms. Nie's inspiration for her paintings comes from her travels and her studies of diverse disciplines. She is a Zen Master in a lineage that traces 80 generations back to the Buddha and holds a Master’s degree in Applied Physics from Stanford University. Growing up in China and Canada, Ms. Nie has been blessed to teach physics and Zen in the U.S., and math and meditation in Bhutan, where the spiritual and artistic heritage of the Himalayas deeply moves her. By synthesizing the rich ecological and cultural heritage of humanity, Rebex Nie invites the audience into an alternative world through art.My name is Rebecca Nie, and I create art to invite the audience in for a mind-to-mind transmission, which is a Zen dialogue through visual beauty that occurs between the artist’s mind and the viewer’s mind. I am deeply influenced by the cultural heritage of the diverse countries I have lived in. While my medium and usage of abstraction are Western and contemporary, I strive to express the Eastern aesthetic ideal of harmony between humanity and nature through distinct composition and layers of symbolism.

When creating, I let go of my limited self to let the lines and colors flow from a mystical space in my being, and I know that it is the space through which we are all connected. I trust this experience to spontaneously express the universal peace and serenity within every single one of us.