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Artist: Stephanie Metz

Studio: Stephanie Metz

Beetle #7
Title: Beetle #7
Description: Wool through paper
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 5 x 7
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Phone:408 910 5476

About Stephanie Metz

I’m in a new studio location this year, part of the Alameda ArtWorks complex at Race Street and the Alameda in San Jose. My much larger studio space accommodates my large-scale, touchable sculpture project I’m working on for an exhibition in 2020. Visit me in the North Annex, located just off the parking lot behind the main Alameda Artworks building.

In my work I use wool to explore the idea of seemingly opposing qualities coexisting within one object. I shape wool by compacting it into nearly solid freestanding forms through a process known as needle felting. Taken from industrial origins and a subsequent craft tradition, needle felting refers to using specialized sharp, barbed needles to mat wool fibers into a united solid mass, held together by the microscopically scaly surfaces of the wool. With simple tools I can compress masses of loose, fluffy wool into detailed, complex, and mysterious forms that defy their humble origins. I’ve been experimenting with wool for fifteen years, and I love sharing what I’ve learned with visitors through demonstrations and samples they can touch and handle. In addition to my large work, I’ll have small sculptures and wool works on paper available as well.

My sculpture has been exhibited at local and international venues including Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Museum Rijswijk in the Netherlands, and the National Centre for Craft & Design in the U.K.