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Artist: Deborah Miller

Studio: Deborah J Miller Studio

Johnny Walker Blue
Title: Johnny Walker Blue
Description: Oil on Paper
Media: Painting
Size: 12 x 6
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About Deborah Miller

As a way to understand myself, today’s politics and remnants of history, my paintings explore sites of energy — collective manifestations of power — both horrible and beautiful.

Using the shopping experience of Costco and its warehouse stores as one of my central symbols, I explore self in society: cavernous spaces, intricately gridded ceilings, masses of merchandise and shadowy figures create a world driven by the tension between fulfillment of needs and the desire for profit.

Abandoned gun emplacements, at the Marin Headlands and around the world, speak to the words of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem, Ozymandias: “…Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair. Nothing beside remains…” Concrete edifices neatly invade hillsides, marking what people think worth defending; aging walls crackle with stories of terror and sacrifice. These sites, built to protect, crumble as boundaries of war blur.

In order to reveal and resist these invisible forces, I paint. Using a limited neutral palette, the silence of gray creates an intersection between observation and thought, seeing and knowing. In the words of Barnett Newman, “It is as I work that the work itself begins to have an effect on me.”

As I hope it will have on you.