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Artist: Sara Virgina Cole

Studio: Sara V Cole Fine Arts

Microbiome 3
Title: Microbiome 3
Description: Acrylic and graphite on Arches cover paper
Media: Painting
Size: 42 x 30
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Phone:(415) 845-6779

About Sara Virgina Cole

Beauty. Ugly. Resilience. Homeostasis – loosely defined as any system used by a biological system to maintain fairly stable conditions in order to function properly and insure survival – all currently inform all bodies of my work. I work with varying materials and processes portraying this struggle for balance in nature, be it human biology or environmental ecology. It is my intention to visualize resilience through difficult transitions with the beatification of the ugly.

While I primarily work with abstracted imagery of botanical forms and hybridized cellular structures, I have recently reintegrated representational figurative work as a reflection of my own female identified, disabled, visceral systemic search for balance and beauty. In this process of beautification I am confronting my physical limitations and perceptions of UGLY and BEAUTY within my varied disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

My work is at once quietly meditative on one end of a continuum of the process of homeostasis, and yet also holds the resilience and tension inherent at other stages along the same continuum. The current bodies of work represent the constant flow of energy, emotion, and expression of my interpretation, my bearing witness, to personal and universal search for balance and beautification of the ugly.