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Artist: Donna Wocher

Studio: Donna Wocher

Bayou Blues
Title: Bayou Blues
Description: Acrylic on canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 36 x 36
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Phone: (650) 400-8490

About Donna Wocher

Donna is a colorist and abstract painter. Nature, poems, songs and dreams are all possible starting points for a painting. Her use of color is active and bold. Donna's idea is for the variety of colors in her paintings to sing you awake and into the world; to find meaning, beauty and delight in being alive.

Donna uses a variety of tools and layers of resins, pastes, and glazes to create depth. Layers are added and subtracted in a sort of peek a boo game to get the finished composition. The initial layers create a hide and seek of textures and patterns where anything is possible until definite choices are made to finish the piece.