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Artist: Curtis Boyle

Imminent Chaos
Title: Imminent Chaos
Description: Watercolor
Media: Watercolor
Size: 24 x 20
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Phone:(408) 744-1149

About Curtis Boyle

My work is representational, not a copy of an actual scene but a composition from my photos. I will use photo shop to layer masked parts of several photos to manipulate and judge a possible composition. I prefer the medium of water colors in a combination of wet on wet and dry brush. I am often asked, “Is that water color ?” because I use the water color as I would any other paint except preserving white space, transparency being secondary. I use lots of neutral mixed colors, earth tones, never straight out of the tube. My subjects are from personal experience out doors or occasionally from a whimsical thought that finds expression (excluding this last political season).

My favorite artist is Andrew Wyeth, because of his skill at compositional design and use of color to create a story and mood. I try to infuse a sense of place especially in my marsh paintings where I love to spend time in the winter. I once had a buyer buy 4 paintings because he recognized their exact locations in the rice fields north of Sacramento and had similar feelings about the area.

I took up art after retiring. I have sold several painting and been juried into several local shows including a number of times at the Triton State wide show and won awards including the University Art shows.