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Artist: Michael Endicott

Studio: Michael B. Endicott Photography

On Broadway
Title: On Broadway
Description: Archival ink photography
Media: Photography
Size: 17 x 21
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Phone:(415) 971-1652

About Michael Endicott

Michael Endicott is an Urban Nature Impressionist photographer in San Francisco, California, USA.
--My work explores the interaction between the “subset environment” constructed by us and the “hosting environment” dictated by nature. There is a constant feedback loop between the two that affects us, both physically and culturally.
--My artistic process can pull my photography into the realm of expressionist or abstract painting, not by adding color via digital programming, but by "bending" the different wavelengths of light inherent in the original photograph. The effect can substantially obscure the true nature of the subject, but there are always vestiges of the reality to be found if you look closely.
--Follow my daily postings on Instagram @michaelbendicott or visit my web site Like me on FB at Michael B Endicott Photography.
--Michael Endicott’s work can be seen at Gallery House (320 California Ave., Palo Alto, Ca) and Edge of Frame Gallery, where he is also the Artistic Director (1207 Divisadero St., San Francisco).