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Artist: Audrey Lund

Studio: Audrey Lund

By the Sunset
Title: By the Sunset
Description: Acrylic on plywood
Media: Painting
Size: 48 x 48
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Phone:(415) 652-1412

2019  Showings

May 11 - 12 , Site: 139
342 Plaza North Suite #6
Los Altos, CA 94022


About Audrey Lund

Painting and drawing has always been my thing throughout my life but it really revealed itself and came back to me after having my kids and being home with them. I felt the urge to paint and started producing as I felt the need to let it all out.

Three years ago I opened my art studio downtown Los Altos where I work and exhibit. Being part of the Los Altos community is wonderful and really inspires my work on daily basis.

My inspiration starts with subjects that catch my eyes, the life around us, things we look at everyday or don’t because we simply forget, then I make an interpretation of them, sometimes I stay close to the subject itself and sometimes I change it all.

Colors are a big part of my work, I want to feel big emotions and reflect them in my paintings. Strong colors,
lights and charismatic subjects are always attractive to me, like people. 

The people collection called “Reflexion” is one of my favorite. The people’s stories are reflected by their poses, clothes, colors, attitudes, body language, everything else but their faces. Their stories are up to the watcher’s imagination. The emotion is being reinforced by the reflexion of their body and brings intrigue in the painting.

My latest collection is an abstract series called “Snow”, bringing some peacefulness and quietness in our lives. A sense of tranquility and unicity with ourselves. Finding inner peace and balance but also the feeling of being enough on our own.