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Artist: Anita Bora

Studio: Adorn By Anita

Summer Blossoms
Title: Summer Blossoms
Media: Pottery
Size: 8 x 10 x 3
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Phone:650 338-6481

About Anita Bora

I got interested in clay around three years ago when I decided to get my hands dirty and try out this new medium. I had earlier started an online venture to showcase my sister's work (she is a potter based in India). That led me to my own discovery of clay and when I moved to the Bay area in 2015, I decided to continue my learning journey.

I have always been 'crafty', thanks to a lot of classes in school and also partly due to my talented mum, who is especially creative. I have knit, embroidered, sewed, stitched, baked, painted in the early school years. Clay became another medium where I could express myself creatively. I especially enjoy surface design and transforming everyday objects into a piece of art.

I usually work with floral, fauna and animal patterns on my surfaces and experiment a lot with colors. I try and incorporate patterns, textures and incorporate interesting marks on surfaces to bring life and creativity into everyday objects.

I create functional and some decorative work including bowls, mugs, tumblers, dishes, vases, jars, pet feeding bowls, garden accents, planters, wind-chimes for indoor, outdoor and garden spaces. I make pet feeding bowls on order and also conduct group creative sessions where you can explore your inner artist, whether it's painting pots, painting on canvas or playing around with beads and jewelry.

I'm on a continuous learning curve which began in Bangalore (India), Manassas (Virginia), Blossom Hill Crafts (Los Gatos) and finally at Higher Fire (San Jose). I learn mainly through workshops and have attended several with well known potters and artists including Sam Taylor, Mark Shapiro, Elaine Pinkernell, Linda Mau, Bruno Kirk, Jamie Meador, Dan Dermer, Miki Shim Rutter and Ben Carter. In 2016, I attended an intensive session at Penland (North Carolina).

Besides clay, I work as a social media consultant, and I teach at Higher Fire and with the Art & Soul Music Studios.