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Artist: John Hannon

Studio: John T. Hannon

Fallen Tree on California Coast
Title: Fallen Tree on California Coast
Description: Oil on canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 40 x 50
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Phone:347 267-1186

About John Hannon

John Hannon is a local painter of landscape and figurative works. His loose, expressive paintings capture both the energy and atmospheres of his subjects without burdening the viewer with myopic detail and painterly effort. His goal is to make paintings that feel good to look at; paintings that suggest a place or subject and then offer the viewer an opportunity to meditate with it.
John works primarily in oil and alkyd which maintains the vibrancy of oil but decreases drying time to match the rate of his process. Generally he paints either alla prima, or through three drying periods and usually applies the bulk of the paint to the canvas with a pallet knife before working with brushes. This technique gives his paintings a substantial, quality that allows ambient light to play on their surfaces. The result of this light-impasto is that each painting has a dynamic quality that brings it alive within the space it is displayed.
A painter for 20 years, John is a graduate of Boston University and The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. He lives and works in Fairfax, CA. He has working studios in Los Altos Hills, California and Brooklin, Maine.