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Artist: Nadia Khater

Title: Soulmate
Description: Acrylic on stretched canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 40 x 30
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Phone:(818) 636-2613

About Nadia Khater

Coming from a mixed origin, I’ve lived in many countries, and was continuously exposed to places and people from different cultures, believes, and tastes. I believe this is where my inspiration and fascination with art emerged from. I’ve always been fascinated by art, design, and creating unique art pieces. When it comes to creating art concepts, I always try to create concepts that are intellectually and visually appealing. I love painting abstract things, I usually use intense metallic acrylic colors on stretched canvas, and I use various canvas sizes. I love beautiful things, and I continuously seek to create them.

I have a Bachelor's of Engineering Degree, I have substantial experience in Graphic and Web design, and I am currently pursuing my MFA in Advertising - Art Direction. Art has always been my passion, and I’m glad that I can share it with others.