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Artist: Lucy Ghelfi

Studio: Lucy Ghelfi Fine Arts   Room: Studio 4

Roasted Pepper 2
Title: Roasted Pepper 2
Description: Powdered pigment, acrylic, acrylic mediums
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 20 x 24
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Phone:(408) 666-9373

About Lucy Ghelfi

I sit down with a piece of unformed clay and wait for it to speak through the silence. There is something it wants to become, something that cannot be imposed. Every blank canvas begins with the same meditation on texture, color, depth and direction. And so, I listen. It is an expansive process. Every moment holds infinite possibility. Every choice invites the next. My influences are many… elements in the natural world, from the ground to the sky. There is a fluidity to my process, an intuitive sense that
reaches – as if through the clay or canvas – and takes my hand to lead the way. Though I am the creator of each piece, I am also its audience, mesmerized by its unfolding. The space that is created is not only for me, it is for each viewer. Every artwork holds up a mirror so that inner reflection can take place. Whatever unique thought emerges, that is what this piece was for.