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Artist: Kat Bergman

Bayside Majesty
Title: Bayside Majesty
Media: Painting
Size: 30 x 30
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About Kat Bergman

Kat Bergman
Artist Statement:

I believe that the desire to create is a basic human characteristic. It manifests itself in almost everyone, in one form or another. My need is to create art. On a very rudimentary level, I think that the act of creating art is really an act of love.
 I am passionate about using my art to capture the emotional snapshots of everyday human life. The sorrows & storms, the wonders & joys, and most of all the determined power of the human spirit to overcome. These make up the very fabric and color of our humanity. We can find encouragement in honoring them.
I work in various mediums from oil to acrylic, encaustic to sculpture. I create realistically and abstractly. However, through each piece, regardless of style, medium, or subject matter, there is always some extent of self-discovery and healing that occurs. These passages are naturally infused into my art, and I believe they speak to the viewer. My hope is to enrich other people's lives with my work