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Artist: Jack Hooper

Studio: Ariane Fine Arts

Still Life
Title: Still Life
Description: None
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 128 x 128
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Phone:(650) 280-0219

About Jack Hooper

Jack Hooper, was a prodigious: painter, muralist, sculptor, and printmaker. Amazingly inventive and complex, incessantly creating for over 67 years. Born in 1928, died in 2014 and grew up in Los Angeles.

The last 20 years of his life were spent in both rural Mexico, and Los Altos, CA where he painted voraciously in the Ariane Fine Arts Gallery.

He sought a first-rate art education, and was ultimately drawn to the vibrant art scene of Mexico. These were his years of intense artistic dynamism, dominated by the three brilliant painters and muralists: Diego Rivera, Jose Clement Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros.

In Mexico City, Hooper enrolled at the College of the Americas and became a mural assistant to Siqueiros. Hooper knew many of the artists of the period, including Frida Kahlo who would become the subject of many of his portraits and studies over the coming decades.

In Europe from 1952 ~ 1955, Hooper attended the Academie Julian. Then from 1956-58 he was an Associate in Art at UCLA and was an assistant to the painter Rico Lebrun. He was appointed Assistant Professor of Art at UCLA. Some of the notable shows he participated in during those years were: Primus Stuart Gallery, Los Angeles, Everhart Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania, La Jolla Art Center, La Jolla, California.