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Artist: Randy Canote

Title: Untitled
Description: Portland cement, steel, glass
Media: Installation Art
Size: 60 x 96 x 12
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About Randy Canote

I work with Stone, Copper, Concrete, Wood and Glass. I like the interaction between the artist and the viewer. Much of my work involves puzzles which encourages the viewer to interact with the piece in order to fully appreciate it. I like the emotions one goes through when looking at my work, at first questioning what the symbols might mean and the satisfaction they get when the puzzle is solved.

I lam influenced by ancient runes and hieroglyphs and the idea that although we may not immediately know what they say, the message was important enough for someone to carve into stone. I like the idea that these messages were sent to us through the centuries and hope that some of my work might survive to do the same.

I like exploring new processes and materials. Currently, I am enjoying the way the sunlight plays on colored glass, changing throughout the day.