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Artist: Keiko Minaki

Studio: NAOKism

Beadwoven Choker
Title: Beadwoven Choker
Description: Japanese Delica Seed Beads - Peyote Stitch
Media: Jewelry
Size: 0 x 0
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Phone:650 450 3273

About Keiko Minaki

Keiko Minaki
Designed by mom, handmade by Naoki – threaded one bead at a time.
Intricately stitched bead accessories, designed for elegance and fun.
Naokism was established by Keiko as a place to showcase bead craft
items handmade by her special needs son, Naoki. He was diagnosed with
autism at a young age and has difficulty with verbal communication.
On the other hand, he has been very strong with visually oriented task and
patterns. When he was introduced to beads craft, he was instantly
captivated. He enjoys to do beading everyday while Keiko designs.
We use the highest quality brands of Japanese seed beads. Their highly
uniform shape and size, the wide variety of beautiful colors are unparalleled
by other manufacturers, and these beads make it possible to create the
beautiful design patterns and the smooth uniform surface finish.
Now, the mom and son team are excited to introduce their own line of
unique handmade beads accessories. With the help of her friends and
family, Keiko launched as a way to make it easier for people
to see and purchase our creations.
Online Portfolio at