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Artist: Robin Dahlberg

Studio: Steelhead Studio

Pendant, upcycled glass on porcelain
Title: Pendant, upcycled glass on porcelain
Description: Glass, porcelain, glaze, sterling silver
Media: Jewelry
Size: 1 x 2
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About Robin Dahlberg

I am drawn to creativity that balances logic with expression. I enjoy the engineering challenge of a jewelry piece combined with the beauty of an exceptional bead or stone. My jewelry is primarily fabricated directly in metal, with works ranging from simple, everyday pieces to more elaborate, "goin' out" pieces. I showcase select beads and handmade porcelain elements in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in complimentary or unusual settings of simple elegance. I also work in stoneware, making mugs, bowls, and the occasional butter dish. These pieces share the same simple elegance of my smaller works. I have been making a variety of these one-of-kind and limited edition pieces for over twenty years.