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Artist: Valerie Lauterbach

Shino Bowl
Title: Shino Bowl
Description: Cone 10 Reduction-Fired StoneWare
Media: Pottery/Ceramics
Size: 10 x 3 x 10
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About Valerie Lauterbach

In my work I strive to capture the metamorphosis from a lump of clay to a mature work proclaiming its personality, the movement of the wheel and my hands and tools, and the ever-changing atmosphere in the kiln.

While I lack the patience of a gardener or painter, I am immensely satisfied by the immediacy of throwing, the endless opportunity to try something a little differently. I experiment; I fail, or I should say, rather, that I don’t always keep the result, yet there is nearly always some kernel of understanding gained in that process, to inform the next experience. I strive to understand when the clay signals me that its statement is clear, it has nothing more to say.