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Artist: Sandhya Jaideep

Studio: ArtCircle Studio

Music In the Air
Title: Music In the Air
Description: Oil on canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 24 x 36
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About Sandhya Jaideep

I took up painting a few years ago as a creative break from the pressures of my full time job in the high tech industry. Although I am an engineer by profession, I have always felt drawn to the prospect of creating something by hand, using my imagination and sense of design. Today, I could not be happier about my choice to spend time every week at the studio. All my tiredness and frustrations after a full day of work melt away when I take out my canvas and get to work. My preferred medium is oil on canvas with palette knife or brushes. I derive inspiration for my paintings from everyday events, and try to evoke the resulting emotion in my designs.

In my opinion, painting is what you make of it. I cannot force creativity and inspiration. I just trust my instincts and go where each day takes me when I paint. I use mistakes and setbacks to my advantage by adapting and learning from them. I am grateful to my family, friends, my art instructors, and fellow artists at ArtCircle Studio for their support, encouragement, ideas, and appreciation for my art work.