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Artist: Renae McCollum

Land Escapes 4
Title: Land Escapes 4
Description: Acrylic and Black Ink
Media: Painting
Size: 16 x 20
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About Renae McCollum

Creating art is a passion of mine that has stuck with me since taking art classes every year throughout junior high and high school. I continued creating on my own throughout college, exploring a variety of mediums and styles, and have worked by commission since then creating portraits or other custom art and design. In 2010, I graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Geography/Environmental Studies and attribute my artistic inspiration to the time spent learning about the earth's natural systems and taking field courses where I gained a deep appreciation for every rock, plant, and stream flow.

I enjoy the overall creative process, which enables me to ask questions about the intricate designs of the world, observing and appreciating the detailed environment around me before creating my own interpretations. Whether I’m painting, drawing, or making digital art, I strive to connect my work to our natural world through the use of organic lines, shapes and familiar subjects. In the past few years I’ve switched my focus to exploring landforms and expressing emotions through color, contrasting values, and line. The acrylic painting series I’ve been developing in the past few years is called “LandEscapes”. I want people to be reminded of the elements that are around us and to find their own personal connection to the earth.

In addition to my own outdoor adventures, my influences include early 19th century American landscape painters and the surreal artwork of Salvador Dali. My paintings originate from photographs I take or sketches I make in the field. I focus on layering saturated colors to give shape to various landforms and then subtly tie the scene together with dark contour lines. I portray the ebb and flow of nature through these fluid, organic lines, with hopes of inviting the viewer into the scene. Ultimately, I want my audience to feel a connection to the earth by looking at these paintings. I add a slight surreal element to this series in order to express my own concerns of climate change and to reflect how subtly humans can alter natural habitats.

Currently I’m enrolled at SJSU, pursuing a teaching credential and an M.A. in Art Education. I teach classes part-time at Los Altos’ Fine Art Studio, Drawn2Art. Visit my website to see my portfolio. During SV Open Studios, I will be selling my paintings and prints at Drawn2Art May 5-6 and 12-13, as well as some other fun items that I’ve hand-built, come by and check it out!