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Artist: Oksana Baumert

Mendocino Coast
Title: Mendocino Coast
Description: Mixed media
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 18 x 36
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Phone:(408) 318-4124

About Oksana Baumert

I am an expressionist painter, nurtured and inspired by the landscape of my adopted home, California.  Although I have traveled and lived in many places, none resonates with me as deeply.  My paintings are an expression of the sense of awe and reverence that I experience in the presence of the Pacific coastline, hills and mountain ranges.  I feel great strength in nature, however knowing that it is threatened and vulnerable, makes me very protective. This paradox is reflected in my artwork.

When painting in my studio I often work on several canvases at the same time. I build each piece intuitively, layering different media and colors.   For added depth, I include acrylic mediums, strata of handmade paper, foil, and fabric.  I take much pleasure in the tactile nature of my materials, repeatedly exploring different contrasts of texture as well as color.  The reflective quality of the metallic foils allows me to capture light in my work.  The varied materials and the highly textured nature of my paintings often pose unique creative challenges.  As the final layers are applied, my artwork begins to organically morph towards its final form as if from within.

Won - Materials Award for “Skyline Ridge” 2011- Annual International Society of Acrylic Painters