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Artist: Jordan Harmon

Summer Passage
Title: Summer Passage
Description: Acrylic on Canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 12 x 12
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About Jordan Harmon

I’m most inspired by the passage of time and the fact that everything changes. As humans, we create things and build with our physical hands and minds, however life/time eventually knocks those things down, making everything quick and fleeting. What remains is the acknowledgement that something happened. This is where I find the motivation to my artwork.
I paint while looking at old photos I’ve taken or found within my family home of moments where someone was really living, disregarding the camera, and unconscious to the fact that the moment captured in the lens will soon fade to a memory, if remembered at all. I use quick and deliberate brush strokes and try my best to appreciate each bump and curve, just like life. Human life is filled with the pattern of structure and chaos and I try to emulate that. I also paint on fabric and then embroider on top of the paint. The paint does a great job at staying loose and organic, while the thread tries it’s best to be structured and firm. Human life is a fragile and temporary thing and I hope to encourage everyone to appreciate every moment lived.