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Artist: Josi Flynn

Studio: Josi Cat

Title: Fox
Description: Porcelain, cast sugar
Media: Sculpture
Size: 4 x 4 x 4
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Phone:(650) 455-8907

About Josi Flynn

I make art as a way to process my thoughts and bring life to my imagination. My work explores the strong connection between people, animals, and nature, which has been an important aspect of my daily life. My current work focuses on the surreal, with animal-human hybrids and dramatic changes in scale to alter the way we view and interact with recognizable creatures. My pieces are made with porcelain and various other materials, such as wool, fabric, plastic, and acrylic paints, depending on what is necessary.

I recently graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design where I received my BFA in ceramics. In the past five years my work has evolved from handmade geodes to miniature animal figures in fantastic settings.