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Artist: Basuki Dasgupta

Festive Women
Title: Festive Women
Description: Mixed media on canvas
Media: Mixed Media
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Phone:(415) 645-3089

About Basuki Dasgupta

My childhood is integrated with nature as I grew up in a very small town with a
rich cultural heritage of terracotta temples. As a child, I started viewing and
discovering the world sitting under trees. I shared my joy and sorrows, my love
and loneliness with them. I observed the interplay of mysterious lights of the
day, the rain and the clouds ---their intimacy with nature. And maybe on some
days, I would start singing loudly to share my aloneness with the nature, I
started writing , I started painting something of my own…..
I am from Bishnupur, West Bengal, India - the town of terracotta temples.
My memories reverberate with the rhythm of terracotta, the mysterious
patterns of temple architecture, and screeches of bats.
My entry as a student of fine arts, into the open and free environs of
Santiniketan, in the year 1987, gave me an opportunity to explore my inner
expressions in various forms of art.
It was here, I started realizing ’art’ and its integral relationship with life. The
different forms of art like visual and performing, folk and classical music – all
the things I experienced growing up, now started having more meaning and
significance, but guided more effectively.
I completed my fine arts degree in the year 1992 and started my
first lesson on mural painting from Manida. As a student of masters’ degree
(1992-1994) in mural, I started to get a clearer vision of the term ‘wall’
between man and nature, man and god. This idea is reflected in my everyday
interactions with fellow beings of all ages, classes and sexes.
The language I paint is very much contemporary, with all the contemporary
vibration….they are textured physically- instead of a flat canvas surface. And to
get that I use hard board, paper pulp and thick acrylic colors on canvas.
And I feel its textured surface; its juxtaposed colors are the echoes of my
agitated mind.
The practice of painting is a therapy or meditation for me which coverts my
negative energy to a positive emotion.
I carry my mandolin singing the pattern of Bengali folk singers and sometimes
become very silent………silent to listen to the rhythm of emptiness……., the
sound of bats and squirrels on a quiet midday…... In the temple corridors of