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Artist: Maricris Briones Hansen

Title: Interference
Description: Mixed media on canvas
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 48 x 36
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About Maricris Briones Hansen

I am fascinated by how art gives form to energy and emotion. I begin each new piece with blind abandon, often finding that I've set myself in a thorny place with no clear way out. Every piece leads me to unexpected places as I follow curiosity, impulse, and intuition. I work with paint, paper, words, pastel, ink, charcoal, fiber, sand, gravel, cut-up old paintings - whatever works (or doesn’t).

The layers and texture of my pieces are the record of my explorations.

I am inspired by movement, light, color, courage, sky, poetry, water, longing, bodies, trees, blossoms, stones, perseverance.