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Artist: Julie Bovee

Studio: Julie Bovee Art

Essence of Sunflowers
Title: Essence of Sunflowers
Description: Acrylic on canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 30 x 20 x 1
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Phone: (408) 355-5737

2020  Showings

May 16 - 17 , Site: 185
1065 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126


About Julie Bovee

Do we need money, recognition, or more stuff to find happiness, or can choosing it in this present moment be enough? The color, depth and stories of my art are aimed at bringing you into the present, to consider your own sources of happiness.

Inspired by the flowers in my lush California native garden and the interesting happenings in my life, I paint with bold colors, figurative and abstract elements, contrasts and textures. I tell the stories that underpin my own happiness. I encourage onlookers to step into my world and smile – a small thing that we all could use more of.

Painted loosely and intuitively, my works develop on the canvas from my imagination, using unusual tools to express movement and emotion. I work primarily in acrylic with mixed media for effect. Many of my favorite art tools are found objects. Join me for my Open Studio, where I'll demonstrate for you the textural effects of drywall joint tape, roofing nails, a broken bamboo skewer or something I picked out of the recycling pile.

I don’t have a formal art education, but I do have a Master of Science in Computer Science degree, and that's influenced my own different way of perceiving the world. I love education and strive to step out of my comfort zone taking art classes, meeting artists and learning new skills. My art is on display in my studio at the School of Visual Philosophy in San Jose, California.