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Karen Druker

By Apala G. Egan

Karen Druker

“We need things that are beautiful. Art brings grace to our environment and enhances our lives,” says Karen Druker. “Art brings me happiness, joy and excitement.”

An event planner and caterer by profession, upon retirement she has devoted herself to art for the past fourteen years. She has had a life-long love of the field and has worked on various creative projects throughout her life. Her specialty is abstract art. She does mixed media and uses oil, acrylic and watercolors. Collage is one of her favorite art forms. She takes old canvas and applies heavy paint, and then does the collage work on it. “Abstract art is the most creative kind of art one can do. It has to come from the inside,” she says. She emphasizes that her work is original art, and is not soulless. She is an ardent believer in the creative power of nature and art. “Do we want kids who are little robots? You don’t need to be in front of screens all day,” she says. “Kids are not out in nature running around and being free. Free for artistic expression and doing wild and crazy stuff. We need kids out admiring nature and painting nature.” In designing buildings, you need artistic talent, according to Druker. You need art even for utilitarian purposes such as for making signage that is both memorable and visible. Art not only enhances our lives, but is an essential component for industry. “Art is therapeutic,” she says.

She has utilized her talent in helping select artwork for display on the walls of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation at both their Palo Alto and Mountain View locations and states that color is very important in our lives. Patients in the waiting rooms at the clinics can imbibe the calming effects of the soft green hills in some of the landscapes on the walls, or view the reds, blues and greens of some of the more abstract work. Her home has a one hundred and eighty degree view from where one can see the entire valley, and for the Open Studio tours the emphasis will be on interactive art. She plans on having separate tables laid out for adults and children to do art; some viewers might even relax by playing a game of croquet. The huge backyard will be open to visitors who will be able to see not only her art, but also the work of other artists whose talents encompass jewelry-making, oil and acrylic painting, watercolors and wearable art.

She will be showing her artwork at the Silicon Valley Open Studios in 2018 The website is:

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