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Preview Exhibits

Photo of Saratoga preview exhibit

Get a glimpse of the stunning art that is being created by the talented artists who are a part of this year's Silicon Valley Open Studios. As you gear up to witness the visual smorgasbord created by hundreds of Bay area artists in May, the preview shows to be held in March and April have been designed to give you a preview and a taste of things to come.

These two galleries will play host and give you the chance to sample the diversity in storeā€”think of this as an appetizer! Browse through art in the form of watercolors, acrylics, oil and mixed media paintings, and 3D displays including sculpture, jewelry and ceramics.

Checking out work of various artists and their work in advance, will also help you better plan your tour in May. Select your favorites artists now and bookmark them for the annual tour that every art lover is looking forward to.

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of SVOS and we're delighted to have the opportunity to present some of the best collections of artwork from Bay area artists to all art lovers, enthusiasts and buyers. Remember that during the Open Studios event in May, you do not need a reservation or an invitation. Just show up, walk in and enjoy!



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You don't need a ticket - it's Free!

Get to know the artists. They want you to ask questions about their art.

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Enter your e-mail to add your name to our list. We use this list to tell you about coming art events that we sponsor or places where you can view the artwork of Silicon Valley Open Studios artists. You will be able to select either the "Artist" or the "Art Lovers" list. If you're new to the area or want to learn more about Silicon Valley Open Studios, then be sure to add your name so we can send you current information about events.

SVOS On-line Directory

SVOS is pleased to announce the On-line Directory that is always updated with the latest changes and corrections.

  • Automatically updated whenever there is a changes
  • Adapts to your device with 1 to four columns
  • Click on the artist's name or image to see more info about that artist
  • Click this link to see the On-line Directory

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The 2019 Directory

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